Description de l'événement

As man transforms its’ habitat, it creates ecological situations which need to be reconciled with further existence of the species. The challenge of this century is to survive. Accumulating wealth will not buy man time, unless wealth is considered in non-financial terms. Can the models, the methodologies, and the mindset which have brought us here, exactly here, be used to move forward? Let us, at least for the time of a roundtable, try and go beyond the doctrine and dogma of green.


• Corinne Namblard - CEO of ADVICE & Co Impact Finance
• Françoise Martino - ABN AMRO Investment Solutions
• Jennifer Pryce - Calvert Impact Capital
• Marta Ra - Globalance Bank
• Dana M. Perkins, Moderator - BloombergNEF (BNEF)

Event will be in English and is not for attribution.

Organized by Catherine Keyes-Guichard for 100 Women in Finance

Sponsors: Bloomberg and WISF-Women in Sustainable Finance

17h30 Registration
18h Roundtable
19h30 Cocktail