Description de l'événement

A Conference of the Chaire European Electricity Markets (CEEM) in Cooperation with the Chaire Économie du Climat (CEC)

The decarbonisation of electricity generation as part of the European energy transition requires large and increasing amounts of low-carbon power generation. With their high capital-intensity low carbon technologies such as wind, solar PV, hydroelectricity or nuclear energy require even greater amounts of investment than would ordinarily be the case. This constitutes one of the defining challenges of the European power sector in the next decade. At the same time, an increasing number of investors and financial institutions are specifically seeking investment opportunities that satisfy a number of strict environmental and, to a lesser extent, social criteria. Carbon-free or low carbon power generation offers likely the most mature market for such investments. Due to the complexity and the rapidity of its transition, it remains, alas, also still a very risky market.

The objective of this conference is to bring together experts from both the electricity and the financial industries to explore avenues for improving opportunities for sustainable finance in the European electricity sector. This implies working both sides of the equation. In the electricity sector the task is to reduce financial risks through market designs that are appropriate for low-carbon generation. In the financial industry, the task is to develop metrics and products that create the necessary confidence in environmental integrity for both project and portfolio investors. On the basis of evidence from recent academic work and industrial experiences, this conference will offer the opportunity to take stock of the state of sustainable finance in the electricity sector and to identify the levers for maximizing its future potential.

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Organisation Committee :
Jan Horst Keppler (Scientific Director of the CEEM - Université Paris-Dauphine)
Fabien Roques (Compass Lexecon and Scientific Counsellor of the CEEM)
Olivier-David Zerbib (Tilburg University and ISFA)
Lamine Ducard Dake (Researcher, Sustainable Finance, CEEM).

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